In May of 2004, The Delancey opened it's doors to a warm welcome from the lower east side. The three level club is home to a downstairs music venue, main level bar, and the only all weather rooftop garden of its kind peering out onto the Manhattan side of the Williamsburg Bridge.

The 3 floors of The Delancey can either accommodate their own individual events, or join together to become one big party.

Upon entering, guests are greeted by a long luxurious bar illuminated by a candlelit ceiling. Surrounding the bar are party spaces including a chandelier lined VIP room, elegant window room, and red velvet booths which are enveloped by silky drapes. These may be reserved on a nightly basis at no charge, and the space booked for each party is based on estimated number of guests in the party. Across from the bar sits a high standing booth where resident and guest DJs spin the night away, and you can rock out to your favorite music.

A quick walk up one of two rooftop staircases leads to a lush tropical open air oasis leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the city. The retractable roof allows for parties rain or shine, Summer or Winter, with another full service bar and cocktail atmosphere.

The Downstairs Performance Space is a full capacity live music venue equipped with private bar, DJ booth, backline, and state of the art light and sound system. The room accommodates a wide spectrum of events including local, national and international acts, DJs, and private parties.

Lost and Found:
If you are missing a personal item, or left a bar tab open with your ID and Credit Card after attending an event at The Delancey please return during business hours (5pm-4am) to speak with a manager, or call after 7 pm. Clothing items will be donated after 1 week if not collected.

Dress Code:
Appropriate Attire Required for All Guests on a nightly basis.
You must be 21 years of age or older to enter, no exceptions.

Monday-Sunday 5pm-4am


The Rooftop Garden is available for parties and open to guests year round. The retractable roof allows for parties rain or shine, Summer or Winter.

To discuss inquiries for parties, reservations, and special events please call 212-254-9920 Monday-Friday between 12pm- and 6pm. If after hours please leave a detailed message, and someone will return your call as soon as possible.


Bands interested in playing at The Delancey should provide as much information on the following: links to music, information about venues you have previously played in New York City, availability, and ability to draw in New York City. Send one email to Dana at either:


Click here for Specs and Backline.

Email your resume with a cover letter expressing why you want to intern at The Delancey, and any pertaining information as to why you should be chosen. The right applicant must commit to a 3 month internship, with flexible hours of 2-3 afternoons a week.


168 Delancey Street New York, NY 10002 P: 212- 254-9920 F: 212-254-0782 Directions Sign-Up for our Newsletter twitter

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2 Technics SL1200 Turntables
2 Pioneer CDJ 1000
1 Pioneer DJM 800 4 channel mixer
1 JBL EON 15 power monitor

2 Technics SL1200 Turntables
1 Denon D2600F Dual CD Deck * Two CD trays with a controler
1 Rane MP24z 4 Channel DJ Mixer


Bass Rig
Ampeg SVT Pro-3 275watts Bass head
with 1 Hartke 4x10 200 watts bass cabinet.

1 Fender Princeton Chorus 60 watt 2x10 combo amp.
1 Peavey 5150 4x12 celestions 8 ohm Guitar Cabinet
*this is only the speaker cabinet, must bring head in order to use it

DW PDP 24" Kick drum, 12" rack tom, and a 16" Floor tom.
*Drummers must bring their own Snare Drum, Hi Hat Stand, Kick pedal, Cymbals with hardware/stands and Drum Throne.

Microphones, and D.I.s
6 Shure sm58
1 Beta 58
3 Shure sm57
1 Beta 52 Kick drum mic
4 Sennheiser E604 Percussion mics

1 Radial Passive DI
1 Radial Active DI
1 wirldwind Passive DI
1 Pro Co Passive DI

3 Projector
1 dvd player
1 cable box
1 mid-size screen
1 dvd player


The Delancey is located on the North East side of Delancey Street between Clinton and Attorney, at the base of the Williamsburg bridge.

By Subway:
Take the J.M or Z train to the Essex Street stop or the F train to Delancey Street stop. Please refer to www.hopstop.com for more details.

By Car:
From Brooklyn, take the first right off of the Williamsburg Bridge onto Clinton Street.

From Uptown Manhattan, take 2nd Ave. to Houston St., turn right on Ridge street, and right onto Delancey. The Delancey is between Attorney and Clinton Streets.